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Pilates is a total body workout, but one that is mostly associated with women. The fact is, Pilates was originally created by a man, for men.

Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, body builder and boxer. He felt that it was important to strengthen core muscles in order to correct bad posture, improve alignment of the spine and prevent injury. While interned during World War I, he taught fellow inmates his method of physical fitness, which at that time was known as Contrology. By the time they were released, many of his students emerged stronger than before they entered the camp.

Today, top athletes such as LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant are all avid Pilates enthusiasts. They know that increased core strength, flexibility, and better coordination and balance can only improve their game.

Another benefit of Pilates is improved posture, which often results in relief of back pain. The ability of Pilates to add muscle tone and stability make it an ideal method of conditioning for men of all ages.

Oh, and the part about Pilates being for women? Would it be so terrible to be surrounded by smart, funny, fitness minded women while you work out? Just a thought.

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