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At Avenue Pilates, the health and safety of our members and team is our top priority. We continue to offer a variety of virtual classes and events for your fitness and wellness during these ever changing circumstances.

Pilates is a total body workout, but one that is mostly associated with women. The fact is, Pilates was originally created by a man, for men. Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, body builder and boxer. He felt that it was important

1. Keep your abdominals engaged. It sounds simplistic, but many people forget this basic fundamental of Pilates. Having your core pulled “in and up” while performing the exercises ensures you are getting the most benefit. 2. Create length. Whether on the

Many benefits of practicing Pilates, improved posture and body awareness are two of the most important. While they are beneficial to everyone, improved posture and body awareness can be extraordinarily helpful to golfers. Whether a person plays golf socially or professionally,

What is Pilates? The question should be, who is Pilates? Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born 1880 in Germany. His father was a prized gymnast and his mother a naturopath. As a child, Pilates was ill suffering from asthma, brittle bones

"Movement Awareness" - Often times our injuries occur when doing a simple transitional movement such as reaching, turning, or bending. Regardless how natural these motions are to us, when done abruptly they can result in an injury. In other instances, injuries

Used extensively in ballet training and warm up exercises, barre work is an excellent workout in itself. You don’t have to be a ballet dancer to do barre work, but it can help improve flexibility and strength in individuals looking

Are you a cyclist? Runner? Tennis player? Golfer? Then Pilates will benefit you. Pilates is not only a refreshing mind-body workout, it helps you become more in tune with your body’s specific needs and lays a perfect foundation for whatever

The increasing popularity of Pilates is a wonderful thing, but like the game Telephone where the meaning of a phrase gets distorted as it is passed along, as word spreads about Pilates, so have some ideas about it that aren’t

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