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Pilates Can Help Your Golf Game

By Jean Magrella Looking to improve your golf game? Want a powerful and smoother swing or hoping to improve the length of your drives? If so, Pilates may be the secret weapon you’re looking for. While at first glance the fitness program developed by Joseph Pilates and the...

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Top 10 Pilates Tips

1. Keep your abdominals engaged. It sounds simplistic, but many people forget this basic fundamental of Pilates. Having your core pulled “in and up” while performing the exercises ensures you are getting the most benefit. 2. Create length. Whether on the mat or utilizing springs, reach away from...

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Real Men Do Pilates

Pilates is a total body workout, but one that is mostly associated with women. The fact is, Pilates was originally created by a man, for men. Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, body builder and boxer. He felt that it was important to strengthen core muscles...

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