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Top 10 Health Benefits of Barre

Used extensively in ballet training and warm up exercises, barre work is an excellent workout in itself. You don’t have to be a ballet dancer to do barre work, but it can help improve flexibility and strength in individuals looking for an alternative workout. In...

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Chocolate Protein Balls

Chocolate Holiday Protein Truffles

The holiday season can be a tricky time of year for those of us trying to stick to our diet goals. These chocolate truffles are packed with the natural goodness of nuts and seeds and sweetened with dates, making them the perfect, healthy contribution to...

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Pilates for Athletics

Benefits of Pilates for Athletes

Are you a cyclist? Runner? Tennis player? Golfer? Then Pilates will benefit you. Pilates is not only a refreshing mind-body workout, it helps you become more in tune with your body’s specific needs and lays a perfect foundation for whatever sport you’re about to tackle....

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Top Superfoods and Remedies

Superfoods are called “super” for very good reasons: the foods are rich in nutrients and especially beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Sometimes referred to as “nutrient powerhouses,” you can expect superfoods to have a wide array of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals contained in...

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