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Our Classes

Avenue Pilates & Fitness is a Pilates and Personal Training studio. Each instructor is certified through Power Pilates and Pilates INC. Our studio offers a myriad of intimate group classes, privates, duet, and semi-private sessions 7 days a week. Our instructors specialize in catering to each person’s needs and fitness goals while keeping workouts fun in a nurturing environment.


Follow Jill on this full body, innovative “shape over”. It starts with a warm-up, then on to the barre for standing leg and glute work. Upper body is next and down to the mat for the ab series. This is a fast paced workout sure to get your heart rate going set to fantastic music. You will discover muscles you never knew you had! Jill changes the moves and soundtrack with every class to keep motivation at it’s peak. A challenging workout for all levels.


Our Pilates Mat classes are offered on both beginner and intermediate levels. Our classes will challenge the intrinsic musculature of the abdomen and lower back enhancing strength, stamina, stability and flexibility.


Our specialty Reformer Combination series is a total system workout. We designed this series so you can take your Pilates practice to the next level. The Reformer Combination program offers a special opportunity that allows participants to benefit from Pilates apparatus including Reformer & Mat. This class is guaranteed to be a complete mind and body challenge.


Focusing on flexibility and movement, Free Flow Stretch uses the ballet barre and bands to enhance flexibility and strength. Carla’s hands on approach combined with her verbal cues help students achieve their ultimate flexibility.


Looking for a completely different way to firm and tone? Try Body Opera Pole Fitness by Carla Dunlap-Kaan. This exotic form of exercise lengthens and strengthens your body in sensual ways. While learning the first level of exotic presentation you will become supple yet strong and confident. You will learn basic pole and floor work and then progress to more challenging tricks and choreography. This is a perfect class to add some spice to your life and pizzazz to your body.


Pilates Tower is a great way to lengthen and strengthen the whole body. These classes combine the challenge of mat work with the resistance of the springs and bars of the tower unit. Tower workouts require a greater level of control and provide a deeper flexibility and strength than mat work alone.


A unique workout on the Pilates reformer with an added jumping board creates a low impact 45 minute cardio workout. A focus on whole body sculpting is provided by resistance of springs to work the entire body. In 45 minutes you’ll have a shaping, toning and cardiovascular experience all in one.


We all want a solid core and a great workout. Here is the solution! CARDIO CORE! This class is great for all levels. It can be used as a jump start to a new workout regimen or to revive your current routine.


Pilates rehabilitation is necessary for many reasons. It is a perfect solution to strengthen injured or weak muscles which helps to develop smaller group muscle joints. Other benefits include overall body awareness which creates better balance to avoid future injuries.


Golfers, take your performance to a higher level by bringing Pilates to your game. Benefits include better stretch, strength, stability and stamina. These game changers will have you driving the ball further while taking strokes off your game.


Baby Boomers and Seniors greatly benefit by incorporating a functional personal training regimen in their lifestyle. Staying active is essential to living an independent lifestyle.

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