November 2013

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Top 10 Pilates Tips

1. Keep your abdominals engaged. It sounds simplistic, but many people forget this basic fundamental of Pilates. Having your core pulled “in and up” while performing the exercises ensures you are getting the most benefit. 2. Create length. Whether on the mat or utilizing springs, reach away from...

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Real Men Do Pilates

Pilates is a total body workout, but one that is mostly associated with women. The fact is, Pilates was originally created by a man, for men. Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, body builder and boxer. He felt that it was important to strengthen core muscles...

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Baby Boomers

We’ve all talked about “those” people. You know, the ones that walk around with healthy physiques, glowing skin, great posture and an overall zest for life. What’s their secret, you ask yourself. No, it’s not Botox or the latest diet fad. Nine times out of...

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Injury Prevention – “Movement Awareness”

Often times our injuries occur when doing a simple transitional movement such as reaching, turning, or bending. Regardless how natural these motions are to us, when done abruptly they can result in an injury. In other instances, injuries occur when a person uses...

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